OVO Energy


BeforeMembers of the Ovo Energy team have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering their time and  getting their hands dirty at Coln House School’s garden. Building the pond, planting vegetables and clearing out the weeds has been a great experience and we’re so proud to see how much the students have accomplished! We’re looking forward to donning our Wellies again soon!

Quotes on the day...

Digging a potato patch was hard work but it was satisfying to know that the vegetables can be sold to raise money for the school. Jack, Operations

AfterI really enjoyed planting potatoes at Coln House School’s garden. It was refreshing doing something I have never done before! Omar, Systems

When weeding and planting the sweet corn, we had to be very precise...with a lot of help from the children at Coln house we were able to plant nice neat rows of sweet corn and I can’t wait to have a taste. Lanie, Communications

Helping with the Eco School project at Coln House School in Fairford has been really good fun. It’s great that Ovo encourages it’s employees to take part in the events, as it is clear that the students really appreciate our help. Becky, PA