Cheltenham Camera Club Competition

Cheltenham Camera Club Competition

At the beginning of the year all of KS3 and two students from KS4 entered a photograph into the Cheltenham Camera Club for the results!!!!

CHS pupils represented Gloucestershire in inter-county table tennis competition.

CHS pupils represented Gloucestershire in inter-county table tennis competition.

Another Music Release

More students took part in Rap and Hip Hop Wednesday evening music sessions. Listen to the new single.

CHS Students Mentor The Ridge Academy

A project led by Richard Lewis and Anthony Little is demonstrating how the challenges that are embedded into the school's curriculum can be used to raise and support aspirations for pupils.

The Colnies First Single!!

Check out the first release from the Colnies, as part of our Anti-Bullying Campaign.  The song is called "The Victim Talks Back"

The Colnies

Our school band called The Colnies which started in 2011 is active again.

The Poetry Games

Two of our students recently entered the 'Young Writers Poetry Games' national competition.

Chef of the Year Competition

Pupils from the year 11 hospitality class have recently reached the semi-finals of the Junior South West Chef of the Year competition.

Outstanding Exam Success

What an incredible year for our Key Stage 4 pupils. Some of our headlines;

Lexxie's Report on Dragons Den

Read Lexxie's report on the Dragons Den event

Link to Report

National Engage Awards

Scott W and Scott B represented the school for their outstanding achievements in photography.

Sports Day 2013

On July 9th, we held our annual Sports Day.  The event was a great success with staff and parents joining in the fun.

School Awards 2013

On July 9th we held our annual school award ceremony.  It was a hugely successful event attended by parents, staff and students.

Student Websites

Some of the students have been creating their own websites.  Click on the link below to have a look at Chris' site all about the school.

Chris' Website

Exam Week

This week all of the students have been sitting exams in all of their subjects.  The exams have taken place in the sports hall, in order to give the students the experience of sitting real GCSE's.  Hopefully this will stand them in good stead when they reach year 11.

Engage Awards

Three boys from Coln House School have recently been nominated for a 'National Award'. They were selected because of their individual achievements, some of which were subject specific whilst the other was for outstanding personal progress.

Circus Themed Curriculum

During term 5, teaching staff at school trialled a new approach to delivering the KS3 curriculum. Pupils were taught their usual subjects through the theme 'Circus'. In English, pupils studied the historical novel 'Water for Elephants' by Sara Gruen, which led to discussions about animal cruelty.

Leavers Lunch

Thursday, May 23rd was the last day of the school timetable for our year 11 pupils. To celebrate, the Year 10 Hospitality Group planned, prepared and served them a special 'Leavers Lunch'.

Leavers Assembly 2013

"It's been emotional" were the last words from the head teacher as we waved off the years 11's to their study leave.

Teachers, parents, pupils and carers recalled all the fun and difficult times through their journey and wished all our leavers the very best as they prepare for the exams ahead.

More Functional Skills ICT success

Congratulations to Joel, Jack and Callum who all passed their Level 2 Functional Skills ICT this week.  Also well done to John who passed his Level 1 ICT exam.  A great achievement by them all!!