ICT Department


Ensure all pupils receive their entitlement to ICT within the curriculum.

Enhance the learning of all pupils through the application of ICT across the curriculum.

Develop pupils confidence and competence in the use of ICT.

Teach all pupils computer, Internet and E-Safety rules and procedures.

Prepare pupils for the world of work requiring ICT literacy and competency.

Provision @ KS2/3

ICT is taught to every group for 1-2 hrs each week.

Units include:

  • App Design
  • Desk Top Publishing
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Databases
  • Web Site creation
  • Online game maker
  • Digital Photography
  • Understanding Graphics

Whenever possible the above is used with cross curriculum topics.

Provision @ KS4

Functional Skills at Level 1 and 2

It provides learners with opportunities to become more familiar with practical applications in ICT and explore new and exciting ways of using new technologies.

Learners have an opportunity of moving to or from the CiDA qualification during their course of study.

The CiDA course allows students to create digital products in a choice of three distinct areas; Multimedia, Graphics, and Game Design. This is complemented with a compulsory unit, Web page Design and Creation.

E Safety/Cyber bullying 

E-safety policy in place for both staff and pupils;

Regularly updated insets for staff on the ever changing dangers facing young people using the Internet.

E-Safety and Cyber bullying are integrated into ICT scheme of work.

Pupils are encouraged to discuss on a regular basis their use of ICT at home and advice can be given if pupil or parents request it.