Girl's night in

Lexxie and Lauren got together on Thursday night in the Lodge for 'Girls Night.' They enjoyed having their nails painted bright orange by Miss Samuels but it was a bit of a struggle as they were so short. Please stop biting your nails girls! Even Mrs Rogers joined in on the action and had her nails painted.

girls1 girls2

The girls then wore chocolate flavoured face mask and had to resist from licking it off. After 15 minutes, the girls had the challenge of washing it off. They were still finding splodges the next morning. The girls sat down and watched the film, The Pacifier, and ate some snacks. The girls seemed to really enjoy the evening especially as there were no boys allowed!

girls3 girls4

Mrs Blundell does a “boss” breakfast

Always a welcome face to the table, but especially at breakfast time, Mrs Blundell joined us in The Lodge Cottage for some seriously welcomed morning dining.

Eggs boiled by her fair hand with homemade designer egg cups, and hot toast with proper butter!! A hot breakfast on a cold, wet day.

breakfast1 breakfast2breakfast3

I have to say I don't have quite the same ability to boil eggs. Needless to say a request has been put forward for this wonder every Friday, to be cooked by Mrs Blundell. ;)

Lexxie goes back to her roots with a Scottish Tablet

If you have not tried this you must!!!!!! Very similar to crumbly fudge, but it is in fact a traditional Scottish sweet.


A bit of water
A small cube of butter
A lot of caster sugar
A tin of condensed milk
And a dash of vanilla

Equals sheer happiness in a tiny bite-sized bit!!!!!

Lexxie's roots being Scottish she researched and found this recipie herself. I donned my chef's hat and as you can see from the pictures a brilliant result!!!

tablet1 tablet2 tablet3

Girls will be girls

Winter and the poor weather has arrived. One of many nights to come I am sure spent in The Lodge Cottage.

The camera was hijacked and below is a sample of what was taken. Time was also found for long soaks in the bath and being tucked up warm and cosy on the sofa.

photos1 photos2 photos3

Mrs Griffiths comes to tea

How wonderful. In preparation for an upcoming challenge with Lauren, Mrs Griffiths came to stay for the evening.

"I never realised what goes into planning and also the valuable time that has to be spent with the children with their mentors / teachers. Preliminaries were gone through. The equipment, the clothing, and the challenge itself.

griffiths1 griffiths2

"After a long in depth chat a much needed tea was had and enjoyed. I was then told the pair had gone to the camp store .......................... for them both to return with library books!! I did wonder where 2 hours was spent.  Upon their return a much needed reading session was, to me, the highlight of the evening."

Much enjoyed by both the girls.

Girls, girls, girls,......go shopping!!

All the "L"s, Lauren, Lexxie and Miss Lipscombe embarked on a little shopping trip ...................

Hellooooooo Swindon designer outlet village. What a haven of wonderful beauties. Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Osprey, and Costa!!!! Whoo hoo.

An educational visit on many levels. History, fashion, and fine dining. Well fine hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, and rocky road!! ;)

History, here we go. In the eating area, a steam locomotive that was built at Swindon is on display. The Severn Valley Railway's GWR 7800 Manor Class No. 7819 Hinton Manor has been on display there since 2007 after replacing the railway's GWR 4900 Hall Class No. 4930 Hagley Hall.

In 1835 Parliament approved the construction of a railway between London and Bristol. Its Chief Engineer was Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The outlet village sits right on the old railway station of Swindon.

swindonshop2 swindonshop3

Fashion, well being such a "guru" myself this part came easy. Many famous names were looked into. The girl's favorite being Claire's Accessories. Oooohhhhhh what a haven. Everything a girl could wish for. My personal favourite, Ralph Lauren Polo!

As for the "fine dining" thank you Costa!!!! If we had had our own ways their chiller counter would have been empty!!!! So a hot chocolate with all the trimmings was had.


The good news ................................... We never bought a thing, never spent a penny!!! (Bar the hot chocolate)

I'm sure another trip their will not be too far away!! ...........................................................

Lauren's late night photography

Coln House at night. Brilliant. Now the nights are drawing in and we say goodbye to summer, a wonderful opportunity to take a fun 5 minutes out and about, looking at the wonders that is the school at night.

lodge photography

Introducing Jonny

Jonny was born 29.12.2012, in Manchester, his mother is a Jack Russell and his father is a pug, making Jonny a "Jug".

He belongs to Miss Lipscombe, but is often found in the lounge of the Lodge getting up to mischief!


Other than chewing, eating lots, playing non-stop then sleeping, there is not much to report. He is training to sit, roll over, lay down, fetch, just to mention a few!!! As he gets older and events happen, his own blog on here will most certainly be updated!!

For now it's off to have a cup of tea.